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Go Fight | Turn It Up

The first single from Go Fight since their 2013 Release, This maxi-single, with 2 mixes of "Turn it Up," a mix of "Make some Noise" and an all new club remix of "Light of Day" is free for download, as long as you post on your facebook page that you are available to listen to your friends if they are depressed. Together, we can use facebook as a tool to let people know that they DO have real friends- ones that are around all the time and who are willing to sit down and brainstorm with them how to go on if they can't on their own...

Go Fight | Music for Military Torture

Founded by seminal industrial vocalist/ percussionist Jim Marcus, machine-like drummer Vince McAley, and unpredictable multi-instrumentalist Dan Evans, Go Fight is possibly the first or second best Electroscuzz Band playing in the Chicago Area. They integrate the noisy politics and freedom of Industrial with the relentless dancefloor mantras of EBM, the synthetic pump of electrohouse, and the electrical power of dubstep on their first full album release. Available here alongside a whole bunch or merchandise that says something about you, we are unsure what.

Die Warzau | Borghild

The last release of the seminal industrial ebm band Die Warzau, Borghild clocks in at exactly 60 minutes long for 6 10 minute log tracks that dissect and reconstitute the entire genre. Originally recorded and sent out only to DJs, it is now available here, along with digital downloads and beatmapped mp3s.